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The client, a full-service computer and amateur radio store, initially engaged our services for web development. Following a successful collaboration, the decision was made to find and hire a PPC expert to enhance the company’s online presence and drive increased purchases and revenue.


To find an experienced expert to manage PPC campaigns on Google Ads and the Microsoft Ads Platform, aiming to boost lead generation and drive increased purchases.

Consulting and Hiring Process

We initiated discussions to outline the requirements for a PPC manager and conducted initial interviews with candidates possessing the necessary skills and experience. After a productive week of collaboration, we finally stopped our searches and agreed candidate with over 10 years of PPC expertise. The selected candidate was onboarded in our comfortable office and equipped with all the necessary tools.

PPC Management Process

The initial stage involved conducting a comprehensive PPC audit of active campaigns, allowing the client to understand growth potential and identify any existing campaign inefficiencies. Through careful research, our PPC manager identified and rectified several key issues:


  1. 1. Broad targeting, including an audience unlikely to make purchases → Solution: Defined a more accurate customer profile and built campaigns targeting the proper audience for each product.
  2. 2. Absence of location targeting → Solution: Our expert implemented targeted PPC based on specific locations.
  3. 3. Additionally, our expert tested various settings for location targeting to suggest better strategies. 
How We Turned PPC Campaigns into Profit for 7 Months

A successful PPC campaign always pays off, and the key to such success lies in an experienced specialist with an analytical mindset. For 7 months, our hired PPC expert executed the following:


  • – Conducted an audit of active PPC campaigns.
  • – Conducted competitor and customer reviews to determine optimal strategies for the specific business.
  • – Developed a strategic plan aligned with the audit and reviews.
  • – Built and managed PPC campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
  • – Segmented the target audience for more effective targeting.
  • – Implemented location targeting.
  • – Provided basic SEO recommendations after reviewing the website.
  • – Customized the Google My Business profile.
  • – Gathered new semantics for product categories.
  • – Set up report automation for advertising platforms.


increase in traffic


increase in revenue

7 months

of maintenance of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns

Client’s feedback:

“28software has played a crucial role in driving a 15% increase in revenue for our business. Their recommendation to bring on board a dedicated PPC manager solely for our project proved to be the optimal decision that ultimately yielded positive results. Furthermore, the decision to hire a specialist from Ukraine contributed to cost-effectiveness, aligning well with our budget constraints.”

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