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Developing a Healthсare Data Platform

A group of American investors, who specialize in medical research and startups, initiated a project to bring together large amounts of patient medical data with doctors’ practices and information.


To create an app that allows medical professionals to connect, using advanced technology like big data and artificial intelligence. Our goal was to build a robust platform for conducting comprehensive medical research.

Team Formation and Kickoff in Kyiv Office:

We brought together Developers, DevOps experts, and skilled database engineers. In just a month and a half, the team was set to start their work at our office in Kyiv, kicking off their work.

Innovative Platform Development

After the dedicated team was assembled, they set out to create an AI-based platform that connects clinics, foundations, medical service providers and other healthcare professionals. This innovative platform automatically identifies their needs and offers comprehensive solutions to improve healthcare outcomes.

Real-Time Data Analysis and Instant Insights

Today, this team of exceptional mathematicians discovering important patterns and providing immediate, accurate forecasts.

The project is built on a foundation of big data, a vast collection of information gathered from all states. This allows for in-depth analysis, pattern recognition, and the ability to group and categorize data — an expansive area for exploration.

It also incorporates powerful AI models that assist in deciphering large sets of data and drawing accurate conclusions.


We’ve set up a compact, high-performing R&D center for this project. It keeps our client at the forefront of all advanced healthcare technologies globally. The project is growing and gaining traction.

Overall, the industry is still in its early stages, poised for substantial development.



cost reduction achieved

in 7 months

MVP development completed

6 dedicated members

of a team we built from scratch

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