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Your Strategic Technology Partner
Let us design the framework of your solution. Our aim is to architecturally support you by creating a strong and adaptable engineering foundation for your success. Whether you're starting from scratch or fine-tuning an existing solution, we'll help you find the right architecture.
Software Development
Sometimes, specific challenges call for specialized expertise. Our outsourcing development expertise is designed to address creation of various engineering solutions allowing you to increase ROI, lower cost of development, assure product scalability, reach desired time to market.
Dedicated Teams
Within just a few weeks we'll select experts dedicated to your product success. We'll set up the workspace, equip your new team members with the necessary tools, and provide you with our comprehensive HR and accounting support. This frees you up to focus entirely on your primary objectives.
Key figures
up to 3 days
to deliver the first best possible resume
3 weeks
average time to hire the full-fledged team
skilled and agile recruiters to meet your expectations
first-class IT-specialists in our teams
accessible candidates in professional IT network
of our business partners are fast-growing start-ups
up to 40%
of savings on labor & operational costs
We spread across domains
Fueling E-commerce Growth
E-commerce faces challenges such as optimizing website performance to handle high traffic loads, improving user experience to drive conversions, and implementing secure payment gateways to safeguard customer financial information. Tap into our full-stack e-commerce expertise to empower your e-commerce business.
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Powering Gaming Success
We excel in meeting the demands of the gaming industry by building dedicated teams with extensive expertise in advanced graphics rendering, real-time multiplayer functionality, and complex physics simulations. With us, you can easily access experts who ensure immersive gameplay experiences, optimize performance across platforms, tackle scalability concerns, and combat cheating, piracy, and ensure data security, empowering your gaming success.
Fintech Empowerment
Ensuring robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive financial data from breaches and fraud attempts, as well as the need for reliable and high-performance systems to handle large volumes of transactions in real-time, are key areas of focus in the fintech industry. Fortunately, we can easily find highly skilled cybersecurity experts and proficient developers to address these challenges.
Enabling Retail Solutions
We specialize in building teams that help overcome retail technology challenges. These expert teams seamlessly integrate multiple sales channels, implement effective inventory management systems, and enhance personalized customer experiences. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of retail technology and drive your business growth.
Robust Medtech Teams
In the medtech domain, data privacy and security are critical due to the sensitive nature of patient information. Ensuring interoperability among different medical devices, developing robust telehealth solutions, and complying with strict regulatory requirements are significant challenges. Partner with us to build the right team and drive innovation in medtech.
Video Processing Excellence
In the video processing domain, challenges arise in managing large volumes of data, optimizing video quality, and ensuring secure content distribution. Dedicated teams we build specialize in advanced video processing technologies, real-time analytics, and scalable infrastructure to address these challenges effectively. Work with us to build cutting-edge video processing solutions that drive seamless content delivery and empower your business.
Fortified Digital Protection
Cybersecurity demands the protection of sensitive data, proactive threat mitigation, and robust defense mechanisms. We can build for you an expert team specializing in advanced cybersecurity technologies, threat intelligence, and incident response. Join forces with us to build resilient cybersecurity solutions that fortify your digital assets and empower your business against emerging threats.
Service taken to the absolute
Your business is unique, right?
We're your all-in-one solution — from offering expert consultation and launching MVPs to building dedicated teams and running entire business units.
How it works
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Let us benefit you ::::
Cost-effective solutions:
Operating within Europe's most budget-friendly IT clusters, we maximize value without compromising on quality.
Premium level services:
Our premium status is defined by our ability to deliver high-level services at a reasonable price. We prioritize the quality and value of our work, ensuring that every partner receives exceptional treatment.
End-to-End Support:
We're with you from the initial planning stages to the final launch and beyond. Our comprehensive services cover everything from concept to development, scaling, and ongoing maintenance.
Personal approach:
We delve deeply into your business values and look for personalized solutions to your every need to unlock the true power of our goals.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with 28software for the past three years. The team at 28software consistently delivers exceptional results, demonstrating their immense talent and dedication to their craft. Their attention to detail, creativity, and ability to bring our visions to life is truly commendable. Not only have they consistently met project deadlines, but they have also shown a remarkable level of professionalism and communication throughout our partnership.

Their commitment to delivering high-quality Whalo art services has undoubtedly contributed to the success of our projects. I wholeheartedly recommend 28software for anyone seeking top-notch outsourced Whalo art services.

Aviad Biton
Co-Founder & CEO
@ Whalo

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt experience with 28 software. Their close and personal approach exceeded all expectations. Their team’s expertise and dedication to excellence ensured outstanding results. Communication was seamless. They fostered a genuine connection, making me feel like part of their family. I highly recommend 28software’s work and personal touch. A special thanks to Michael 🙂

Amir Kunst
Chief Technology Officer
@ OnKai Inc.

Working with 28software has been one of the best decisions we made when we founded our company. From the first day, they have been helping us build and grow our team efficiently and professionally. Startups are very hard to plan growth for, and you must work with people who know how to scale fast, be agile, work under lots of pressure, and always do it with a smile!

28software always knows how to find the right candidates that fit the company DNA and save us lots of time in the recruitment process. But the most important thing is that they care about the company and our employees, doing everything they can to secure their safety and health.

Aviad Biton
Co-Founder and CEO
@ Mad Brain Games LTD
Build your dream team
The most cost-effective IT clusters of Europe
· Poland
· Ukraine
· Portugal
Tap into our end-to-end software engineering solutions to empower your business.
We have an extensive base of qualified IT-experts in a wide range of IT domains to build you a dream team that will get your business to the next level.
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