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The client has been present in the market for over 7 years and effectively operates an online store offering various technology products, such as wearable devices, wireless charging stations, USB port extensions, and more, primarily serving customers in the USA.


To conduct a technical audit of the website, perform on-page and off-page optimization, and apply link building to increase traffic.

The problem:

The company aimed to enhance its visibility to customers, elevate its ranking in search engine results, and boost website traffic.

Consulting Stage

When we were asked to perform search engine optimisation of the website, our initial step involved conducting a comprehensive analysis of the business, including identifying their target customers, competitors, and primary goals. Following the consulting stage, we had a clear understanding of the specific SEO needs of the website and determined what expertise and how many experts were needed.

Hiring Process

The decision was made to hire a team for SEO optimization and website maintenance in our Kyiv office. Our objective was to recruit an SEO specialist with over 3 years of experience and a proven track record in successful projects to lead the team. Additionally, we needed to find link builders and a content manager to enhance the company’s online presence.


We outlined the requirements for the ideal candidates and crafted a job vacancy. Within the first 3 days, we provided the client with CVs and initiated the interview process. It took 3 weeks from the initial consultation to find and hire the right candidate. Subsequently, with the assistance of the onboarded SEO specialist, we assembled the entire team which consists now of an SEO team lead, 2 link builders, and a content manager.

What Was Done for a Website Optimization
  • – Reviewed the structure and performed the technical audit of the website.
  • – Provided on-page optimization. 
  • – Collected and expanded the semantics core of the website.
  • – Conducted off-page optimization, including guest posting and link building.
  • – Created a content plan and wrote technical tasks for copywriters.
  • – Remade existing content of the website in accordance with technical tasks with keywords.
  • – Removed 301 and 302 redirects from the site to prevent traffic loss.

Overall, the combination of link building with SEO and content creation significantly enhanced the visibility of the business to potential customers and improved audience engagement.


after 2 months

of diligent work, the website began to show positive dynamics.

6 months later

pages started appearing in the top 10 on Google for specific key requests.


increase in traffic


purchase conversion rate increase

Client’s feedback:

“During six months of collaboration with 28software, we successfully established an SEO department and streamlined its operations. What’s great is that we don’t need to worry about HR management or taxes; we can simply focus on the core working process and the results of our collaboration.”

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