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Empower your healthcare product! Using up-to-date technologies, we create innovative and effective solutions that help clinics and medical businesses deliver exceptional patient care and revolutionize the healthcare industry.
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Your Trusted Healthcare Software Development Partner
Consulting: From Idea to Product Growth
Are you considering integrating advanced technologies into your healthcare business but unsure of where to begin? Our comprehensive consulting services offer a step-by-step plan tailored to your specific requirements. From providing detailed estimates to assisting in the selection of technological experts and software engineers, we will guide you through the process of launching your successful product.
Outsourcing: Smart Tech Solutions
Looking for end-to-end healthcare development solutions? From mobile and web health applications to workflow automation and the creation of secure solutions for patient databases – we encompass all these services. Our team of seasoned experts will offer you deep expertise and unwavering support at every step of the product development and implementation process.
Outstaffing: Your Dedicated Team
Are you looking for a team of developers with strong experience in the healthcare industry? Choose experts from our pool of software engineers who align with your business goals. Your remote team will be involved only in your project, ensuring dedicated focus on your unique requirements and seamless collaboration. Concentrate on the core of your business while leaving all company-related routines to us.
Tailored Solutions for
Your Healthсare Tech Goals
Evaluate Potential of Your Product

We’ll build the first version of your healthcare solution, giving you a solid starting point for improvement and feedback. This basic version will be the foundation for further enhancements and customization. It means you can enter the healthcare market quickly and with minimal hassle or cost.

Revolutionize a Healthcare Industry with Our Innovative IT Solutions

We provide digital healthcare solutions for medical-related businesses to optimize patient data recording and management, automate medical professionals’ workflow processes to increase the effectiveness of medical services, and provide better patient care. Among the most common healthcare solutions that our team of seasoned software engineers offers are: health information system (HIS) & hospital management software (HMS), medical database software: EMR /EHR applications, medical diagnosis software (MDS), medical imaging software, e-prescribing software, etc.


Turn Your Idea into Cutting-Edge App

Our team of healthcare industry-experienced developers will assist you in creating intuitive and easy-to-use applications for Android and/or iOS. Whether it’s wellness and fitness apps, medication tracking apps for patients, or specialized mobile software for practitioners such as medical prescription tools, remote monitoring apps, COVID-19 tracking tools, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Unlock the Future of Healthcare With Advanced Analytics Solutions

Enhance patient care by implementing revolutionary healthcare data analytics software solutions. This innovative technology can rightfully be called the one that changes the industry. It can not only improve and expedite the work of doctors but also has the potential to save lives. 

We can assist you in creating and deploying data analytics software to extrapolate potentially life-saving information, saving precious time for both doctors and patients. This enables you to efficiently oversee resources that play a crucial role in patient care, leading to enhanced clinical outcomes and optimized costs.

Transform Patient Care!

Transform the way you operate and deliver patient care, making it more flexible and accessible by implementing healthcare telecommunications software into your clinic or hospital system. 

Our team of experienced software engineers and programmers will provide you with substantial expertise in developing patient portals, web and mobile apps, ensuring data privacy with HIPAA compliance. 

Enhance patient-doctor communication, optimize clinic costs, and reduce patient readmissions – let’s partner to create a tailored software solution to take your healthcare business services to the next level.

Build Smarter Software With AI Implementation

Our well-coordinated team is ready to provide you with AI-powered healthcare solutions tailored specifically to your medical business needs. From disease prediction based on large datasets to AI-assisted surgery – our developers can cover that all, offering top-notch expertise and deep knowledge in healthcare industry software development.

Discover Limitless Potential for Your Business

We work with cross-platform, mobile, and web technologies to deliver the finest AR and VR software solutions. Whether you require apps for medical education practices or tailored solutions for patients, our team is dedicated to offering our experience and knowledge to transform your ideas into out-of-this-world technology providing your customers with new and extraordinary opportunities.

Assure the Safety and Privacy of Patients

Ensuring regulatory compliance in healthcare is vital, and our expert team is proficient in aligning practices with legal and industry standards. This includes rigorous adherence to data privacy regulations like HIPAA, clinical trial protocols, and quality assurance measures. Our capability to implement and maintain regulatory compliance not only upholds legal integrity but also instills confidence in patients and stakeholders, guaranteeing the provision of high-quality care.

Fast Scaling With Team of Professionals

We’ll assemble a skilled and committed group of professionals who will be fully dedicated to achieving your project’s goals. This team will work seamlessly to bring your vision to fruition, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while our comprehensive HR and accounting support will take care of payroll, tax compliance, and will keep the office running smoothly, leaving you free to concentrate on your core goals.

What We Bring to You
Productive Partnership
At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that our clients are our foremost partners. We approach our work with the understanding that your success is integral to ours. Consequently, we prioritize your business goals, striving to achieve results that align with your needs.
Innovative Approach
We are passionate about innovations and technologies that change the world. Hence, we drive smart software solutions to keep our clients a step ahead. Our goal is to discover optimal solutions for the most intricate business challenges.
Ultimate Support
Our commitment extends beyond project completion — we stand by your side, ever-ready to tackle any challenges that may arise. Ensuring your satisfaction remains our foremost concern throughout our engagement.
Results-Focused Approach
Driven by results, our focus is on your successful product. This ensures that we exceed your expectations by delivering engineering solutions customized to your business requirements, fostering growth and scalability.
Featured Cases
Mobile App for Emergency Help: Team Development
Mobile App for Emergency Help: Team Development
Our client was actively developing their mobile app for emergency help and needed additional resources to ensure fast and smooth progress.
EMR Software: from MVP to Further Development
Supporting the Evolution of EMR Software MVP
After successfully developing an MVP that garnered attention and investments, the client faced the need for additional product development.
Developing a Healthсare Data Platform
Developing a Healthсare Data Platform
Our goal was to develop an app for conducting comprehensive medical research, using advanced technology like big data and artificial intelligence.
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with 28software for the past three years. The team at 28software consistently delivers exceptional results, demonstrating their immense talent and dedication to their craft. Their attention to detail, creativity, and ability to bring our visions to life is truly commendable. Not only have they consistently met project deadlines, but they have also shown a remarkable level of professionalism and communication throughout our partnership.  Their commitment to delivering high-quality Whalo art services has undoubtedly contributed to the success of our projects. I wholeheartedly recommend 28software for anyone seeking top-notch outsourced Whalo art services.
Aviad Biton
Co-Founder & CEO
@ Whalo
I am thrilled to share my heartfelt experience with 28 software. Their close and personal approach exceeded all expectations. Their team's expertise and dedication to excellence ensured outstanding results. Communication was seamless. They fostered a genuine connection, making me feel like part of their family. I highly recommend 28software's work and personal touch. A special thanks to Michael :-)
Amir Kunst
Chief Technology Officer
@ OnKai Inc.
Working with 28software has been one of the best decisions we made when we founded our company. From the first day, they have been helping us build and grow our team efficiently and professionally. Startups are very hard to plan growth for, and you must work with people who know how to scale fast, be agile, work under lots of pressure, and always do it with a smile! 28software always knows how to find the right candidates that fit the company DNA and save us lots of time in the recruitment process. But the most important thing is that they care about the company and our employees, doing everything they can to secure their safety and health. 

Tomer Waintroub
Co-Founder and CEO
@ Mad Brain Games LTD
"The team at 28software not only participated in delivery a high-quality product but also provided excellent talent that has allowed us to move faster and more cost effective. Their responsiveness and willingness to address any issues promptly have made them a trusted partner for our ongoing software needs."
Yoni Blumenfeld
Co-Founder @ sett.ai
Key Figures
2 R&D centers
launched under our management
20+ developers
experienced in AI implementation
6 weeks
the average time to set up a core team from scratch
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer custom healthcare software development services tailored to meet specific industry needs and requirements. Whether you need a solution for electronic health records (EHR), medical billing and coding, telemedicine platforms, patient management systems, data analytics software, or any other healthcare-related software, we have the expertise and experience to develop a custom solution that meets your needs. Our team understands the unique challenges and regulations of the healthcare industry and can work with you to create a secure, scalable, and user-friendly software solution that enhances patient care.

Yes, we do! Our team includes skilled professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) development, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other AI-related technologies. Whether you need assistance with developing AI algorithms, building AI-powered applications, or implementing AI solutions into existing software, our team is ready to collaborate with you on your project.

Absolutely! In most cases, our clients engage us to provide support and maintenance for the software or application post-launch. Having developed the product, we are best suited to ensure its proper functioning through ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and future expansions.

Our consulting services for healthcare businesses provide strategic planning, regulatory compliance expertise, technology integration, process improvement, and talent management support. We help optimize operations, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and leverage innovative technologies to enhance patient care and streamline processes. Additionally, we offer tailored strategies for growth and expansion, ensuring your healthcare business remains competitive and successful. Our team’s expertise and guidance can help your business navigate challenges and achieve long-term success in the healthcare industry.

We offer both outsourcing and outstaffing services. Our flexible approach allows clients to choose the option that best suits their needs and project requirements. Whether you require a fully outsourced team to handle a specific project or prefer to augment your existing team with additional resources through outstaffing, we have the capability to provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

Certainly! Our experienced recruitment team is adept at sourcing and hiring specialists tailored to your project’s needs, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and expertise in healthcare development. Whether you require software engineers, programmers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, AI developers, or any other specialized roles, we can assemble a dedicated remote team that meets your project requirements.

Within the first three days, we aim to deliver the best possible resumes for your review. On average, it takes approximately three weeks to carefully select and hire a full-fledged team. This period encompasses initial consultations, skill assessments, resume reviews, interviews, and finalizing the team composition.

Our HR and accounting support is like having a trusted partner handling all the paperwork and processes. We take care of things like payroll, taxes, and benefits, making sure everything runs smoothly. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of HR and accounting. We customize our support to fit your specific needs, whether it’s structuring pay or managing taxes. With our support, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business and achieving your goals.

As our client, you retain complete ownership of the source code according to the terms outlined in the contract, which you will sign before our partnership begins. We deliver the proprietary source code and the final product as part of our deliverables.

Accelerate the growth of your healthcare services with us!