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Building an MVP for the Auto Accessories Shop Network
Auto Accesories Shop
Aspen, Colorado, USA

Our client, a respected auto accessories retailer with a network of 20 successful stores across the USA, approached us with a clear goal: to extend their success into the online market.


To develop and launch the MVP for the Auto Accessories Online Store, incorporating a comprehensive SKU management system. To create a strong online presence that matched its success in physical stores.

Market Research and Consultation:

We initiated the project with extensive market research and a detailed consultation with the client. This allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of their brand, target audience, and competitive landscape.

Platform Selection and Customization:

Based on our findings, we recommended a platform that seamlessly aligned with the client’s goals. Customization was key, ensuring the platform catered specifically to the unique requirements of their business model.

UX/UI design:

Our client had a special request. Their business has been around for over 30 years, and they wanted their online store to have that classic, down-to-earth American look. They didn’t want it to be too fancy. To get this just right, we brought in our designer who’s been living in the USA for a decade. The result? A fantastic, old-school design.

Technical Expertise Onboarded:

Recognizing the critical role of a skilled developer, we promptly integrated a seasoned programmer into the team. This expert played a pivotal role in translating our technical vision into seamless functionality and performance.


Once all the building and testing were finished, we carefully planned and executed the release of the MVP. This involved making sure everything was in place and ready for visitors to use. We checked every detail to ensure a smooth and successful launch.

Scaling Strategy and Building Dedicated Team:

As demand surged and the client’s online venture gained momentum, we implemented a scaling strategy. This involved making sure everything was in place and ready for our client to launch and test new go-to-market approaches.


3 months

time from kick off to the first successful online sale


online product sales were achieved in the first year

3 experts

a programmer, a PPC specialist, and a designer for high-converting banners.


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