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How We Developed and Integrated Mobile Apps Compatible With Toys
Retail, kids toys
USA, New York
Mobile apps compatible
with smart toys

The company, established in 2017, specializes in developing smart toys for children, blending emerging technologies with familiar play patterns. The unique aspect of their toys lies in incorporating learning concepts, fostering creativity and emotional intelligence.



The task was clear: to find and hire Senior iOS and Android developers with the experience necessary to deliver high-quality code. Additionally, it was crucial for the client that the specialists be reliable and ready to commit to the project for an extended duration.

The problem:

The client decided to develop their current product line by integrating mobile applications compatible with their toys, providing players with additional options for an immersive experience and nurturing creativity. For this purpose, the decision was made to engage iOS and Android developers. 

The company decided to explore outstaffing in Kyiv as a cost-effective alternative to expensive local hiring options. 

Consulting Stage

The initial phase involved consulting with our CEO and seasoned recruiting team to identify the experience and skills developers should possess, considering financial and operational factors. We agreed that only two developers would be sufficient – one iOS and one Android developer – to fulfill the client’s needs. Within four days, we presented the first CVs of candidates for the initial interview.

Hiring Process

Throughout the recruitment phase, our dedicated team of recruiters collaborated closely with the client, engaging in ongoing discussions and gathering feedback about each candidate. Our team worked diligently to coordinate interviews and conducted thorough analyses to identify well-suited candidates. Closing the vacancies for this company took only two weeks, setting a record for our team!

Ongoing Collaboration

This is one of our projects that we are proud of. The main concern of our client was overcome – the mobile developers proved to be reliable and experienced enough to create user-friendly and smoothly working applications for their toys. The client expressed satisfaction with both our work and the expertise of the professionals we recruited. Consequently, a decision was made to hire a web developer to further enhance their website.

Two years have passed, and the team continues to diligently work on the project, ensuring the maintenance of launched apps and the development of new projects.

During this period, the team has:
  • – Supported and developed the software component of a physical product sold in both stores and marketplaces worldwide.
  • – Provided support and implemented new features for a 9-year-old software with legacy code.
  • – Conducted research on the applicability of technology implementation.
  • – Implemented computer vision in client applications.
  • – Rebuilt real-time filters for built-in purchases in apps.

within 2 weeks

two mobile developers were hired

over 2 years

of close collaboration, which is ongoing

40% cost

reduction achieved  compared to local experts in the field

from 15,000 to 25,000

the user base increased

Client’s feedback:

“We tried hiring in Romania and India for 6 months before, and the result was not very satisfactory. But our experience with 28software surprised us very much. Seasoned developers in just 2 weeks – this was an impressive result. We no longer need to worry about office space, payrolls, taxes, or equipment; all of these aspects are handled by 28software’s HR managers. This arrangement allows us to focus solely on developing our core project while entrusting all management responsibilities to our partners. We highly appreciate their ability to persistently work with us, even during challenging times.”

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