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Mobile App for Emergency Help: Team Development
USA, Texas
Mobile app for
emergency help

A U.S. startup specializes in B2B mobile healthcare IT solutions for medical facilities and healthcare businesses. The client was developing a mobile SOS technology aimed at tracking the health condition of patients and saving lives through enhanced 911 connectivity.


Find and hire iOS developers with experience in the healthcare industry within a specified timeframe. Provide a comfortable office for the team with the necessary equipment, ensuring efficient HR and accountant management.

The problem:

Our client was actively developing their mobile app for emergency help and needed additional resources to ensure fast and smooth progress. Their primary motivations for outstaffing were cost efficiency and the ability to quickly scale resources according to their needs.


We delved into a detailed discussion about the product, its current stage of realization, and the necessary steps for its development.  During the consultation, we promptly presented several CVs of iOS developers for consideration, allowing us to assess whether we were on the right track.


We also determined specific qualifications required from developers and discussed the budget that the client could allocate for the development team.  Clear deadlines for hiring specialists were established. 


By the end of the consulting process which took one week, it was determined that we needed to onboard three iOS developers who could commence work within 4-5 weeks.

Hiring Process

Our team of recruiters presented the initial set of CVs to our client within the first two weeks.

The hiring process comprised three recruitment stages: the first meeting involved our recruiter assessing the candidate’s soft skills and the relevance of their experience. In the next stage, candidates underwent an interview with our in-house Lead IT engineer to evaluate their technical skills and experience. Only candidates meeting our criteria for high-level experience, as well as strong hard and soft skills, proceeded to the third stage—the final interview with the CEO of the client company.


It took two weeks to present the first candidates ready for the final interview. An additional three weeks were required to reach an agreement on the selected candidates for onboarding. Within five weeks, we successfully secured all three iOS developers, fully prepared to commence work.

Where All the Magic Happen

An additional two weeks were required to onboard and integrate a new team of dedicated iOS developers. The project management was on the Client’s side.

Hence, every working day started with a meeting call to set tasks for the team. At the end of each week, the team convened to share the results of the week’s progress.


As a result, after 18 months of diligent work, the team successfully crafted the code for the app’s main functions, ensuring a simple and efficient user experience.

The Company’s Success Story

The company launched its mobile app technology, guaranteeing precise call routing that allows individuals to effortlessly connect to 911. Simultaneously, the app automatically transmits accurate location details to first responders. The project showcased its capabilities and attracted the attention of investors. The startup grew into an innovative company that expanded its team and services, propelling itself to the next level of success.


in just 1 week

seamless transition from consulting to hiring

within 5 weeks

3 iOS developers were hired

18 months

of productive collaboration with a remote team

40% reduction

of the time spent on hiring and onboarding

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