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A Team of 3D Artists to Update the Graphics of the RPG Game
Game Development
RPG game

The company specializes in game development. They already have a successful and popular game played by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The decision was made to port the game to other consoles and enhance its graphics, bringing it up to new standards for a visually superior experience.


To generate a substantial amount of 3D art for the existing game within one year. This includes improving the quality of graphics for objects and environments, as well as upgrading the game art to meet new technical specifications.

The problem:

The client required a lot of artwork for their game within a short timeframe, so we had to bring in extra experts to keep the work moving quickly.

Consulting and Analysis

The first stage involved analyzing the project’s requirements, understanding the scope of work, and estimating the timeframes for completion. Once the workload and deadlines were clarified, we discussed the number of team members they would require.

Team Formation

While we had a team of artists prepared to start working, we faced a challenge: there weren’t enough specialists available to meet the outlined timeframes for producing art. Therefore, we needed to hire additional 3D artists to complete the task. Our in-house team started working immediately, in the same week the contract was signed.


Concurrently, our recruitment department initiated the hiring process for new artists with the required skills. In just two weeks, we hired two more 3D artists with a strong portfolio who has started with 2 weeks notice.


While the newcomers started working on the project, we continued our hiring process and onboarded two more 3D artists. In total, our team consisted of existing five team members plus seven artists, forming a dedicated team of 12 specialists working within the customer’s game upgrading process framework.

Team Setup:
  • Concept Artist: Developed and brought to life detailed concepts for creating items and characters.
  • 3D Character Artists: Crafted 3D models of characters based on old models and technical task guidelines.
  • 3D Props Artists: Designed detailed 3D models of items and props, drawing from previous models and task specifics.
  • Material Artists: Focused on texturing environmental items to match the agreed-upon concepts.
  • Project Manager: Oversaw project planning, organization, and execution to ensure all requirements were fulfilled.
Production Workflow

The entire workflow was overseen by our Project Manager, who maintained close collaboration with the client’s Art Director and Project Manager to fulfill all requirements. After agreeing on the working pipeline, we segmented the work into batches and began producing art content, including environmental enhancements, improved 3D models of game items and characters, and enhanced quality of textures for environmental materials.

3D Modeling of Game Items and Characters

Our first task was to create and improve existing game items and characters. Most of the things we modeled from scratch, using references from old models and technical tasks, as it was easier and faster than redesigning existing models. Our work included:

  • Sketching
  • 3D Modelling
  • Backing textures
  • Texturing
  • Preparing the file for implementation into the game

    We had to follow the strict rules of the tasks to keep the right style.

Texturing for Environmental Materials

Another part of our job was to make the textures better for things like walls, ground, grass, stones, and other props in the environment.

Value Delivered

Over the span of 12 months, we closely worked with the client to produce numerous 3D models of characters and environmental props. We used existing old models and technical task guidelines as our foundation, ensuring top-notch art quality and adhering to the game’s style. We successfully delivered all required models and textures on time.


5 specialists

were engaged to work within the first 3 weeks

7 more artists

were hired from scratch in the following 2 months

Within 12 months

a substantial amount of art content was produced

Within a year

the company successfully launched the updated game on consoles

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