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Decentralized Application and Web 3.0 Platform Development
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dApp & Web 3.0 platform

The client approached us with an exciting concept, seeking assistance with product development and branding. The main idea was to create an application and web platform based on blockchain technologies. This platform would enable sellers to market their products (the specifics of which are under NDA) both as physical goods and as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).



To develop a decentralized application and Web 3 Marketplace where retailers can sell their products securely. To develop the product from architecture to UI/UX design, branding, and positioning, including logo design, promotional materials, press releases, pre-launch marketing, etc. 

Consulting Stage

The initial phase involved consulting with our CTO, product developer, architect developer, and Web 3.0 experts to develop, in close collaboration, a comprehensive product development plan covering everything from the architecture of the application and the web3 platform to branding, positioning, and marketing strategy. Within the first week, we presented a detailed document outlining a step-by-step product development plan, agreed upon timeframes for each stage of development, identified required experts, and calculated a budget.

Development Stage

iOS and Android app
We developed a user-friendly, responsive, intuitive application for iOS and Android devices based on decentralized blockchain technologies. The dApp serves not just as a marketplace but as a revolutionized ecosystem created for retailers and consumers where users can sell and buy real products as well as an NFT product.

NFT Marketplace

We designed a Marketplace where products, art and technology are connected, offering art collectors and fans an opportunity to buy securely exclusive NFT products as a piece of art.

  • Collections are never going to repeat itself
  • Customers have proof of ownership on a blockchain
  • Every NFT product is presented in 3D and has unique art and design
  • Designed sticker books and mini-games
  • Augmented Reality experience
“AR Product Presentation in 3D” Feature

Customers can have a unique AR experience, having the possibility to interact with NFT products as if they hold this product in their own arms. They can drill down the product from each side, unpack it, and see the product in detail.

Web 3.0 Website

From UI/UX design to designing logo, brand colors, positioning, and overall branding – we handled these all.

Brand-loyalty program

We designed a loyalty program where customers can earn points for every interaction on the platform and redeem them across a variety of experiences.

Individual branded QR

We designed one QR to link to all the Company’s solutions: website, Android and iOS apps, marketplace, and social media.


The application and web 3.0 platform have launched successfully, attracting investors’ attention. Both the Web 3.0 platform and app are user-friendly and have loyal customers. Users can sell products as NFTs, making them unique pieces of art. Our design and branding resonate with the ideal customer profile, conveying a vibe of future innovation. We created a catchy logo, branded QR codes, digital assets for certain types of products, and promotional content to enhance visibility.


In 7 months

The Web 3.0 platform was developed

In 9 months

dApp was developed

up to 40%

of budget saved comparing to hiring local in-house team

up to 75%

of time saved on recruiting and onboarding process

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