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Search Arbitrage: Selling TikTok Traffic
Search Arbitrage

A young and promising marketing company specializing in media buying and traffic arbitrage was in search of new specialists to expand its team. The primary reason for seeking remote employees was the potential to save on budget and time.


The client approached us for help in finding and hiring traffic arbitrage specialists with strict requirements regarding candidates’ experience and skills, particularly on TikTok. What’s more important, they had a strict budget that they were ready to allocate and a tight timeframe

Consulting Stage

In the beginning, we conducted a meeting to determine the company’s required number of experts, considering financial and operational aspects. Subsequently, we collaborated to formulate the job vacancy description and outlined the ideal candidate profile in alignment with the client’s needs. Within the first four days after the meeting, we promptly presented the initial batch of candidates for technical interviews.

Hiring Process

The decision was to start by hiring one traffic arbitrage expert with significant experience, taking time to evaluate the workflow. Following two months of successful collaboration, the choice was made to expand the team and bring in two additional specialists for remote work.

From Loss of Revenue to Significant Growth by Selling TikTok Traffic

It has been over five months since our collaboration began, and we are excited to share a successful case with you. In less than half a year, our remote dedicated team, including a traffic arbitrage team lead and two additional experts, has been consistently closing the full advertising buying cycle, transforming a 5% revenue loss into a 20% profit, and continues to do so.


3 experienced arbitrageurs

in less than 2 months

40% cost saving

compared to local experts

75% time saving

through our efficient recruitment team

+20% of revenue

within 3 months with the newly onboarded team

Client’s feedback:

“We were looking for talented experts with substantial experience in TikTok traffic arbitrage and that’s what 28software helped us find. Our collaboration with 28software not only played a crucial role in our growth but also resulted in substantial cost savings.”

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