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Web 3.0 Platform for NFT Art Sales that Connects Artists and Customers
Republic of Korea, Seoul
Web 3.0 NFT platform for selling art

The client has already had a successful Web 2.0 website for selling digital art. However, they wanted to migrate to a Web 3.0 solution.



Our task was to develop a Web 3.0 platform where creators can connect with clients to sell their art as NFTs.

Strategic Planning and Product Architecture

In the initial stage, we developed a robust product architecture, collaborating closely with the CTO and the architect developer to specify the optimal structure for the Web 3.0 platform. This involved outlining the necessary features and technological framework with meticulous care. By crafting the product architecture thoughtfully, we provided clarity of vision, defined specialist roles, and established a concrete roadmap for implementation.

Team setup:

To develop the Web 3.0 platform, we engaged a full-stack team consisting of

  • 1 front-end developer,
  • 2 back-end developers,
  • 1 QA tester,
  • 1 business analyst,
  • 4 smart contract developers.

The Product Manager was on the client side, we closely collaborated to deliver results on time and of the highest quality.

Development Process:

We used the latest blockchain technologies to build a secure platform for NFT trading. This involved creating smart contracts for smooth asset transfers and designing a user-friendly interface to make art buying easier. We followed an agile approach, constantly improving based on feedback. This ensured our final product went beyond the client’s expectations.

Deployment and Post-Launch Support:

After development, we tested the platform to ensure it worked across different scenarios. Our ongoing support ensures the platform’s long-term success.


We have successfully developed a prototype for the Web 3.0 platform. It’s up and running, but it’s only available to current customers who have used the platform before. They can securely buy digital art as NFTs. This platform helps artists sell their unique digital creations, protecting their work from being copied or stolen. It also allows artists to retain the copyright and royalties of their works, and to set their own prices and terms.


In 1,5 years

The NFT art platform was developed

up to 40%

of budget saved comparing to hiring local in-house team

up to 75%

of time saved on recruiting and onboarding process

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