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We were approached by an international digital agency with 21 offices worldwide. The client aimed to develop a corporate cross-platform mobile application for their employees, facilitating communication, sharing internal company information and news, and fostering collaboration among colleagues across various offices.


To develop a cross-platform mobile application for corporate social networking with a clear and simple interface. To implement wiki features enabling the sharing of profile pictures, contacts, and professional bios. To integrate a news feed, offer a messaging system for one-on-one or group conversations, and include a calendar feature for scheduling and managing corporate events.


In the initial phase, we identified that the client sought a turnkey solution. We engaged in discussions to pinpoint the key requirements for their upcoming application and the necessary functionalities. Subsequently, we delved into budget considerations and established a timeline for the app development.

Development Process

Using cross-app technology, our IT engineer created the app’s architecture, which was then presented to the client. Following a thorough discussion, we reached a consensus on all structural elements, interfaces, and functions, paving the way for further development.
Our UI and UX designers dedicated their efforts to crafting an intuitive and user-friendly interface. A pivotal goal was the creation of a modern and user-friendly design. We engaged in extensive discussions with the clients, iterating on the interface until we achieved the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Our Approach to Collaboration

Our team has been working on the project for over 8 months, providing high-quality performance and on-time delivery. We divided the project into milestones and scheduled the product development using Jira for task tracking. Every two weeks, we conducted meetings with our clients to discuss progress. Every month, we provided reports with detailed information about the progress, results of the project, and plans for the next month.

The Final Result

The finalized app is now compatible with both Android and iOS phones, boasting the following functionalities:

Employee Directory:

We implemented a searchable directory that eases connections with colleagues, incorporating filters for department, job title, or skills.

User Profiles:

We developed features enabling the addition of profile pictures, contact details, and bios, empowering users to manage their profiles with relevant information.

News Feed:

Our team established a centralized news feed for seamlessly sharing updates, announcements, and crucial information, supporting multimedia content such as images and videos.

Messaging and Chat:

Our developers crafted a messaging system for both personal and group conversations.

Groups and Communities:

This functionality enables the creation of groups or communities, allowing users to join or establish new communities.

Events and Calendars:

Compatible with Google Calendar, the app ensures efficient scheduling and management of corporate events, offering reminders and notifications.

Document Sharing:

The app facilitates document sharing among users.


We implemented customizable notification settings to keep users informed about updates, messages, and events. This function includes push notifications for timely alerts.

Security Features:

Given the client’s emphasis on robust security measures, the app incorporates features like role-based access control and data encryption.

This comprehensive set of features not only fulfills the client’s requirements but also provides a secure and efficient platform for corporate social networking across Android and iOS devices.


In 8 months

the app compatible with both Android and iOS phones was developed

up to 40%

of budget saved comparing to hiring local in-house team

up to 75%

of time saved on recruiting and onboarding process

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