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EMR Software: from MVP to Further Development
Electronic Medical Records Software

The company is a US-based SaaS company specializing in healthcare IT solutions for medical practitioners, hospitals, and clinics. Its flagship product is Cloud-based electronic medical records software.


The objective was to find a frontend and a backend developer, both possessing substantial experience in telemedicine software development, to propel the project forward.

The problem:

After successfully developing an MVP that garnered attention and investments, the client faced the need for additional product development. To address this, the decision was made to engage frontend and backend developers through outstaffing, aiming to minimize costs and expedite the recruitment process.

Consulting Stage

During this stage, we identified the client’s goals. As we already know, the primary goal was to augment their developer team by hiring both frontend and backend developers from Kyiv, aiming to cut costs while preserving code quality. 

We discussed candidates’ profiles, focusing on the experience they should have, the requirements, and the budget.

Hiring Process

The next phase involved the recruiting process. Our team of experienced recruiters created a sourcing strategy and handpicked candidates based on the requirements highlighted during consultations. Beginning with interviews conducted by our recruiters, we seamlessly progressed to an interview with the client’s technical lead and IT engineer to ensure the candidates possessed the required experience and skills. Following this, we shared feedback with the clients and made decisions based on their input. Ultimately, after three weeks of diligent work, we extended an offer.

Development Process

After onboarding, the two developers seamlessly integrated into the company’s team, collaborating closely with the in-house department and delivering efficient code. Over the 14 months of the development process, they not only designed and implemented the user interface (UI) for the EMR software, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive experience for healthcare professionals, but also actively contributed to ongoing maintenance, updates, and feature enhancements. On the backend, they developed the server-side logic, database architecture, and APIs necessary for secure storage and retrieval of medical data, ensuring compliance with evolving healthcare regulations and standards.


only 3 weeks

for onboarding two Kyiv-based developers was needed

100% retention

of team members

75% time saving

was achieved, thanks to the streamlined recruitment process

14 months

of development resulted in a successful product launch

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