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Technical Support for Online Shop That Led to Business Scaling
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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The client has accumulated numerous concerns regarding the speed and stability of their system, as well as challenges related to the complexity and slow pace of developing the necessary functionality for their online store.


Our task was to provide expert guidance and solutions to address these issues and improve the overall performance of their e-commerce platform.

Consulting and Analysis

We started with a thorough consultation, led by our top expert. Together, we examined the structure of their complex online store. We identified areas that needed a boost and set some key tasks. These included things like making the website faster, giving users a better experience, and adding new features, that would allow our client to stand out in competition.

Platform Migration

Initially, some of the business processes were set up on the NetSuite platform. As our collaboration progressed, we shifted this functionality to Magento 2. This change made things run much faster, simplified the overall structure, and saved us from a numerous of logistical headaches.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory System Development

We engineered a modern system that keeps track of inventory in three warehouses. This involved implementing a cloud-based inventory management system with advanced synchronization algorithms. By leveraging APIs and secure protocols, the system quickly updated stock information. This made sure everything ran smoothly and reduced any mismatches in product availability for customers.

Connecting External POS to Magento

We integrated external POS terminals, which were built on a third-party solution, with the Magento platform. Furthermore, we optimized and fine-tuned this external system in-house, and presently provide ongoing support. Within the stores, staff members employ tablets that are integrated into a comprehensive corporate ecosystem, ensuring swift and efficient transactions. This integration involved the use of API endpoints and secure communication protocols, guaranteeing real-time updates and a smooth transaction experience for both staff and customers.

Customized Print-On-Demand Integration

After implementing the synchronization of external POS terminals, we developed a user-friendly feature on the website that allows customers to place custom print-on-demand and embroidery orders. These requests are seamlessly processed and fulfilled at our physical stores, ensuring a quick and efficient turnaround.

Swift UI/UX Upgrade

Following this, we migrated the frontend to HYWA, a state-of-the-art solution known for its exceptional speed and efficiency. This transition translates into a remarkably responsive user experience, enabling swift interactions and seamless navigation. The HYWA framework ensures that our frontend operations run at optimal speed, guaranteeing a seamless browsing experience for our customers.


5 experts on board

2 backend developers, 1 frontend developer, 1 QA specialist, and 1 project manager working on this project together.

over 60

offline retail outlets across the USA that the company is about to open.

All of these new ventures will be powered by our technical solutions, with our ongoing technical support playing a crucial role in the scaling process of the business.

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