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How We Launched a Game from Scratch in Just 3 Months
Tel Aviv, Israel

Two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in a prominent Israeli game studio decided to forge their own path by launching a game startup. With initial funding secured and a compelling concept in hand, they were ready to take their idea to the next level.


Our objective was to efficiently and economically conduct a soft launch of the concept, solidifying it as a proof of concept!

Quick Recruitment and Team Setup

Our recruiters acted quickly and efficiently to find and hire a technical lead for our Warsaw office. Remarkably, it took only two weeks from the initial request to the start of his work! In this short period, the project’s structure evolved significantly: one founder assumed the role of CEO, another as CTO, and a hired technical lead joined the team. Together, they developed a roadmap for the project’s launch and defined the essential team members needed for its success.

Swift Team Scaling

After determining our team structure, we swiftly hired four more members in our office over the next three weeks. This gave us a lineup of: 2 developers, 1 technical artist, 1 QA specialist, and 1 project manager. Within the second month of our collaboration, the entire team was fully immersed in developing the game for a quick launch. As we progressed, we naturally established an effective project management system.

Android Release Triumphs

In just three months of development, we launched the proof of concept on Android, and the game took off! The second-day retention exceeded expectations, reaching over 50%. This success validated the founders’ vision, marking a crucial turning point! The next round of investments quickly followed suit.

Steady Progress and Development of the Game Studio

We’ve reached a crucial stage, where we needed to focus on game economy, marketing, and bolstering our development team. All of these stages have been successfully navigated, and the game studio is rapidly advancing!

For over 4 years, we’ve built a team for our partner that now consists of 35 dedicated professionals. This expanded structure now includes specialized teams for marketing, game economics, product management, content creation, and two development units. This team has been hard at work, bringing 4 more games to life. Some of these games went from concept to MVP in just 2 weeks, thanks to the smoothly operating team and internal technical improvements.


3 months

from idea to proof of concept as the initial stage.

5 weeks

from request to a ready team of 5 high-caliber specialists in the office.

47% cost efficiency

for the team compared to Israel.

5 games

in the studio’s portfolio, and the team’s productivity is increasing even though the team size remains the same.

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