28 Software
Service taken to the absolute.

Consider us your business's trusted companion, offering a wide spectrum of Technology services. Our strengths of delivering great software worldwide lays in profound technology expertise, know-how in teams scaling, proven cloud of mature hand-on software architects that will steer your business towards success.

We are your eyes and ears on the ground!

Your dream team just in a matter of weeks!
We have 7 highly experienced recruiters who will find for you the best-fit candidates and will build a dedicated team of top-experts within just a few weeks!
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Intro Chat
You give us an idea of your business and goals so that we get a deep understanding of your needs.
Kick-start call
We agree on a strategy and all details of recruitment.
Personalized hiring
Our highly professional recruitment team starts the search for the most suitable experts.
Choosing candidates
You get the best matching candidate profiles and choose the best options for your needs.
Onboard your new team
We provide newcomers with a workplace, necessary equipment, and deal with the contracts so that they can start right away.
Your team is rocking it!
You're operating your superb team that turns your wildest and bravest ideas into reality!
Boost your team
Easy onboarding
Our solid onboarding strategy turns newcomers into high-performing team members right away.
Unique innovative workplaces
Each of our offices is an all-inclusive ecosystem with well-developed infrastructure – the best place to turn your ideas and plans into reality.
Development and Retention
We constantly improve your team's performance and help to get better in their roles through a variety of education and career initiatives.
Attendance Management support
We take care of the entire attendance management of your employees –  including sick days, vacation and care leaves, time off for studies etc.
Happiness management
We gently cherish every employee, creating a positive environment and providing and providing a variety of wellness activities.
High-tech offices
Our offices are heavily packed with high tech equipment and superior software so that your IT-team has all to level up your business.
Employer of record
Save time and effort on maintaining any employee-related documentation. We handle all payments, including payroll, benefits and taxes.
Ongoing tech recruiting services
Whenever you need to expand your existing team, we are here to help you to find the best candidates ASAP!
We believe in…
We believe in a handshake, in the power of human bonding. We are stronger when we`re connected.
Stability and Trust
We honour openness and honesty and build trustworthy and strong relationships.
Constant Development
We like to grow, improve and develop ourselves the same as to assist others to get global.
Simplicity and Lightness
We turn complex things into simple ones and perform difficult tasks with ease.
Quality over Quantity
We choose exclusivity and a high standard over mediocrity and low class multiplying.
High Security Standards
We respect confidentiality and follow security certification's standards so that you can develop your business with confidence.
Frequently Asked Questions
Our work speaks for Itself. If you value efficiency, outstanding outcomes, service, and a lasting partnership, then our team is your perfect choice. Our track record speaks volumes, leaving our partners delighted with the remarkable results we deliver. We firmly believe in cultivating win-win collaborations, consistently fostering mutually beneficial relationships.
On the contrary, our premium status is defined by our ability to deliver high-level services at a reasonable price. We prioritize the quality and value of our work, ensuring that every partner receives exceptional treatment.

At 28software, you are not simply another client – you are our valued long-term companion. We firmly believe in building personal relationships with our partners, and we take a hands-on approach to every collaboration.

Working with us, you can expect the best of both worlds: top-tier VIP services and a pricing structure that demonstrates our dedication to long-term partnerships.
At 28software, we offer a transparent and convenient pricing structure. Our fixed pricing is not influenced by the qualifications or salaries of the candidates, nor does it depend on the number of team members you choose to onboard with us. You have the flexibility to determine the salaries of your employees, while paying a consistent, fixed price per employee. This approach provides you with ease in planning, calculating costs, and scaling your team and business effectively.
We offer the flexibility to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a particular specialist to enhance your current team or need a fully staffed team, we are here to provide the ideal solution swiftly and effectively. Our commitment is to find the best possible fit for your requirements, ensuring a seamless integration and exceptional results, regardless of the nature of your request.
28software specializes in IT outstaffing services, which primarily entail a remote hiring model. Our focus is on providing dedicated teams or individual specialists who excel in remote work arrangements.

While our core offering centers around remote teams, we understand that certain projects or preferences may require on-site collaboration. In such cases, we are open to discussing possibilities that meet your specific needs.
We have a strong team of recruiters and access to an extensive candidate database. We make it a priority to deeply understand our partners’ business needs, conducting preliminary interviews with candidates before presenting their profiles.

However, the final decision rests with the client, based on their specific requirements. Our role is to facilitate the best possible match between the client and the candidate, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.
Outstaffing model allows you to avoid all the most common risks of working with a remote team or freelancers. With us, you have full control and direct management of your team's work, while we ensure the presence of employees in the office and support their productivity.

There are also no hidden and unpredictable costs. You know how much you pay – and not a penny more.

Communication troubles and misunderstandings are minimized, as we carefully assess each candidate's language proficiency and ensure they share the same socio-cultural views as you, creating a comfortable and cohesive working environment.

By partnering with us, you can confidently navigate the potential risks typically associated with outstaffing, knowing that we prioritize effective communication, cultural alignment, and seamless collaboration within your time zone.
Get access to a pool of 800k+ experts
We have an extensive base of qualified IT-experts in a wide range of IT domains to build you a dream team that will get your business to the next level.