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Hey there!

I'm Michael Antonovich, the visionary founder and CEO of 28software.

Over the past 23 years, I've had the privilege of leading software teams for some of the world's most captivating and forward-thinking brands, including WAZE, Deloitte, AmEx, and many others. These experiences have been remarkably successful, solidifying my expertise in delivering exceptional results in the software industry.

But let’s be honest. The process of finding highly skilled professionals and assembling exceptional teams, not to mention managing them consistently, can be a challenge. It can be unreasonably pricey. Sometimes exhausting. Often unproductive and ineffective. Always extremely time-consuming.

In response to these challenges, in 2019 I established 28software — a game-changing solution for those who aim to effortlessly enhance their productivity. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition while working within tight budgets and strict timeframes. While we're not the only IT solutions provider in the market, we pride ourselves on being the absolute best!

Now, you might be wondering, “What makes you different?” — The answer is simple: our people!

At 28software, we hold a steadfast vision for the future — one where people always come first. We place tremendous value on fostering a sense of community and belonging. Each individual's voice deserves to be heard, and every need should be met. We firmly believe that prioritizing these aspects is the key to achieving continuous, sustainable growth and development.

Michael Antonovych
Founder, CEO
Nataliia Anenko
Chief People Officer
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Svitlana Pakholkova
Head of Recruitment
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Iryna Omelchenko
Operations Manager
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Lina Zaitseva
Operations Manager
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Rostyslav Samsonov
Chief Growth Officer
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Serhii Koval
Head of e-commerce
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Artem Novosad
Lead Generation Manager
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Tetiana Tomashevska
Accountant in Chief
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